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Welcome to the boutique live !

In order to meet your needs and make you share our passion, we chose to use an original means of communication allowing you to visit the store in real time. 

With Skype, you can contact us for free by video conference. We introduce our products to you directly by webcam.

If your computer doesn't have Skype, you can download it for free :   
Registration and installation takes less than 5 minutes. 

To contact us, we must be part of your Skype contacts : 

Click on "Add a contact"
In the "Skype nickname" box, type : ventdevoyage
Click on "Add"

Your request is sent to us. However, sometimes, we can't respond immediately. In this case, don't hesitate to call us at : 0033 (0)2 99 20 17 91

See you soon live from Saint Malo !